GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems

Electronic interlockingOptimum radio coverage thanks to maximum system availability

Most GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication - Railway) radio masts are in exposed locations in order to ensure a good transmission range. As a result, the risk of a direct lightning strike is particularly high. Professional lightning and surge protection is essential to maximise system availability and protect people in the vicinity.


The advantages for you of using a DEHN solution to protect GSM-R systems:

  • Personal protection
  • Maximum system availability
  • Protection of devices and components
  • Optimum support of all those involved in the process chain


Product portfolio for the protection of GSM-R systems

Electronic and digital interlockings 
  1. To protect the power supply Remote Radio Head 48 V DC: DEHNsecure M 2P 60 FM
  2. To protect telecommunications lines: BLITZDUCTOR® XT ML4 B 180
  3. To protect the GSM-R 7/16 connector: DEHNgate LG 7 16 MFA
  4. To protect radio link PoE: DEHNpatch CLE IP66
  5. Components for earthing mast sites: Earthing and equipotential bonding

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