For PV Systems: DEHNguard M YPV

Specially developed for installation on the DC side of PV systems, this arrester fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 50539-11*. As such, it reliably protects PV system components like inverters or PV modules from overvoltage.

Universally applicable type 2 arrester with high protective effect

The arrester is available in two different voltage versions ≤ 1170V and ≤ 1500V making it universally suitable for all system configurations -  for rooftop and free field systems.
This arrester scores with its low protection level at a high rated voltage providing excellent protection for the terminal device.

Schutz von PV-Anlagen: Beratung

Replacement of protective module without tools

DEHNguard M YPV is modular which means that no tools are need to exchange the modules. This is also a big advantage when conducting a dielectric withstand test as it saves installation time.

*DIN EN 50539-11: Low-voltage surge protective devices – Part 11: Requirements and tests for SPDs in photovoltaic applications