Lightning Protection Guide

Lightning Protection GuideFor three decades, the LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE from DEHN has been the trademark for practice-oriented technical literature in the fields of lightning and surge protection for buildings, installations and systems. The book had to be revised and enlarged due to changes in standardisation and technical progress. Now the third revised edition of the English LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE is available.

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  1.     State of the art for the installation of lightning protection systems [0.7 MB]
  2.     Characteristics of lightning current [1.8 MB]
  3.     Designing a lightning protection system [2.3 MB]
  4.     Lightning protection system [0.7 MB]
  5.     External lightning protection [17 MB]
  6.     Internal lightning protection [1.4 MB]
  7.     Protection of electrical and electronic systems against LEMP [4.5 MB]
  8.     Selection, installation and assembly of surge protective devices (SPDs) [3.5 MB]
  9. White papers:
    9.1.   Surge protection for frequency converters [0.7 MB]
    9.2.   Lightning and surge protection for outdoor lighting systems [0.8 MB]
    9.3.   Lightning and surge protection for biogas plants [1.3 MB]
    9.4.   Retrofitting sewage plants with lightning and surge protection measures [1.2 MB]
    9.5.   Safety requirements for cable networks, remote signals, sound signals and interactive services. [0.8 MB]
    9.6.   Surge protection for agricultural buildings [0.8 MB]
    9.7.   Surge protection for CCTV systems [0.7 MB]
    9.8.   Surge protection for public address systems [0.7 MB]
    9.9.   Surge protection for emergency alarm systems [0.7 MB]
    9.10. Surge protection for KNX systems [0.8 MB]
    9.11. Surge protection for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet networks [1 MB]
    9.12. Surge protection for the M-Bus [0.8 MB]
    9.13. Surge protection for PROFIBUS FMS, DP, and PA [0.7 MB]
    9.14. Surge protection for telecommunication connections [0.8 MB]
    9.15. Surge protection for LED mast lights [0.8 MB]
    9.16. Lightning and surge protection for wind turbines [2.2 MB]
    9.17. Protection of cell sites (4G/LTE) [1.4 MB]
    9.18. Lightning and surge protection for rooftop photovoltaic systems [1.7 MB]
    9.19. Lightning and surge protection for free field PV power plants [1.4 MB]
    9.20 Surge protection for Local Operating Networks (LONs) [0.8 MB]
    9.21 Surge protection for petrol stations [0.7 MB]
    9.22 Protection from touch and step voltages for sports grounds [1.1 MB]
    9.23 Lightning and surge protection for golf courses [2.3 MB]
    9.24 Surge protection for churches [0.7 MB]
    9.25 Surge protection for light strips [1.1 MB]
    9.26 Surge protection for lifts [0.7 MB]
    9.27 Surge protection for smoke and heat extraction systems [1.1 MB]
    9.28 General instructions on lightning protection shelters [1 MB]
    9.29 Surge protection for gutter heating systems [0.7 MB]
    9.30 Use of application-optimised type 1 combined arresters in low-voltage installations [0.8 MB]
    9.31 Surge protection for safety lightning systems [0.8 MB]
    9.32 Lightning and surge protection for potentially explosive atmospheres [1 MB]
    9.33 Lightning protection systems for gas pressure control and measurement systems [1.1 MB]
    9.34 Lightning and surge protection for yachts [0.7 MB]