Press release: DEHN at Hannover Messe 2017 - be safe!

You really want added value - control systems, robotics, state-of-the-art measuring technology – then you should think about safety, too. HANNOVER MESSE 2017 is characterised by Industry 4.0. Under the motto “be safe“ DEHN exhibits solutions and products to protect your modern manufacturing facilities and equipment. Visit DEHN from 24 to 28 April 2017 at the HANNOVER MESSE in hall 13, booth E85. Meet our experts and not only find out about our products, protective solutions and seminars, but also about the test services we offer in our modern test centre.

Highlights at Hannover Messe 2017

Safety is essential in modern processes and plants. Surge protection, lightning protection, earthing and safety equipment are important aspects. DEHN offers a wide portfolio of safety products and solutions:

DEHNrecord Alert enables status reports from SPDs to be transmitted via MODBUS and, for example, relayed to a smart device. The start-up is quick and easy via the free app which allows you to receive status reports (e.g. push messages) about whether the device is functioning and, if applicable, which parts need replacing, without needing to physically examine the equipment. The number and description of the part needed are transmitted so that a replacement can quickly be supplied and installed. We make SPD maintenance smart and simple for you.

The DEHNguard® M H 275 TT is the first compact type 2 surge arrester for TT systems with a high-capacity spark gap 80 kA. In the TT system, the N-PE spark gap needs to be able to discharge the total discharge current in the 4 conductor system. In order to also ensure safe operation with higher discharge values (up to 20kA per conductor) the N-PE arrester has been designed for the total discharge current of the network modules and is therefore the ideal protective device for plants requiring a higher level of availability, for instance, mobile communications or the AC side of solar inverters, because it provides considerably greater power reserves with regard to the discharge capacity.

Electric Venetian blinds are time and light controlled or operated via an App – smart solutions are almost standard here, too. The new DEHNcord R 3P protects sensitive control electronics from failure due to surges. The surge protective device is designed as an adapter and mounted directly in the shutter box: quickly, simply and without tools thanks to the Hirschmann plug-in system.

Simple yet unprecedented safety in hazardous areas - Equipotential Bonding Ex. DEHN offers here a tested system solution with consistent equipotential bonding in Ex zone 2/22 as required by the standard. The system is mounted to ordinary cable support systems and allows the inclusion of all conductive installation parts and electrical equipment in the ex-equipotential bonding using tested equipotential bonding plates, clamps and a closed ring equipotential bonding conductor. Retrofitting in existing cable routes is also quick and easy.

The DEHNshort arc fault protection system detects arc faults in switchgear installations as soon as they arise and quenches them in a fraction of a second reducing the impact to a harmless level. This very fast quenching time makes it possible to provide much more comprehensive personal
and system protection than the standard demands. Long system downtimes and the related costs can be avoided. Permanently mounted in switchgear installations, DEHNshort QD II provides long-term protection for switching installations with a nominal voltage up to 690V and short- circuit withstand capability up to 100 kA. With quenching times of 2-4 milliseconds, it is one of the fastest protective systems on the market. The tested short-circuit withstand capability of the new quenching device is 110 kA/300 ms.

In combination with our protective helmet for electricians, the new Arc-Fault Protective Hood APHO offers all-round protection for face, ears and neck. This also safely quenches reflections. The visor is integrated in the hood and the face shield can be pushed up when necessary eliminating the need to remove the hood. The material mix consisting of leather and neoprene is comfortable to wear. The neoprene used at the front considerably reduces the let-through energy and the leather at the back of the hood provides a pleasant 'head climate'. So you can stay clearly focussed while keeping a cool head!


DEHN at HMI 2017