Production facilities

Maximum safety and availability at any time

To meet these requirements, the ongoing production process must be fully monitored and directly controlled, even under lightning and surge conditions.

DEHN protects the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Apart from systems required for normal operation, this particularly applies to safety systems such as emergency shutdown systems, gas detectors, fire alarm systems or escape route lighting. Therefore, protection measures must be taken to prevent failure of the associated sensors and actuators. These include all measures required to implement an efficient lightning protection concept, ranging from the earth-termination system and an external lightning protection system to suitable lightning current and surge arresters of different design, depending on the field of application and the terminal equipment to be protected. 

Maximum safety must not only be ensured for the relevant technology, but particularly for workers. Personal protective equipment and safety devices for work on electrical installations according to the 5 safety rules are indispensable.

DEHN offers innovative solutions for all requirements ranging from the earth-termination system to arc-fault-tested protective equipment.


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