Level crossing safety systems

Electronic interlockingOperate level crossing safety systems so that they are safe and highly available

Level crossings are neuralgic points whose protection requires maximum reliability. Level crossings systems ensure that intersections where a railway line
crosses a road or path at the same level are safe. They must function reliably, even in a storm.

DEHN has developed a special protection concept in collaboration with manufacturers of level crossing safety systems and the DB Netz AG.


Your benefits from a DEHN solution for the protection of level crossing safety systems:

  • Personal protection due to maximum safety
  • Laboratory-tested protection solutions, approved by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt)
  • Maximum system availability due to optimum device and component protection
  • Remote signalling of arresters to be replaced


Product portfolio for the protection of level crossing safety systems

Electronic and digital interlockings 
  1. To protect the power supply 400/230 V, 50 + 16.7 Hz: DEHNventil M TT 2P 255 FM

  2. To protect the DC voltage level supplied via charging rectifiers: BLITZDUCTOR XT

  3. Condition monitoring of up to 10 arresters (BLITZDUCTOR): DEHNrecord MCM XT

  4. Components for earthing level crossing safety systems: SDS voltage limiting device and mast adapter

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