Lightning and surge protection for cell sites

Ensuring network availability and reliability

Reliable protection against lightning and surge damage is an important aspect when redesigning and extending the existing network infrastructure. Due to the ever growing demand for transmission capacities and network availability, existing structures must be constantly extended. New transmission technologies also require constant adaptation of the hardware. Technology is becoming ever more powerful but at the same time more and more sensitive.
The higher the investment costs, the more important is the consistent protection from damage that may bring the installation to a standstill.

Rely on a comprehensive protection system

The top priority is to prevent lightning damage to the host building, mobile radio infrastructure and electrical systems. Permanent system availability is always paramount.
A standard-compliant* protection system for all components of the transmitting system consists of

  • External lightning protection including air-termination systems, down conductors and the earth-termination system
  • Internal lightning protection including surge protection for lightning equipotential bonding

→ All components can be found in the online DEHN catalogue


*according to DIN VDE 0855-300 or IEC 62305