Point heaters

Protection of point heatersDisturbance-free rail traffic - even in ice and snow

Electric point heaters are used to make sure that points also function properly when there is snow and ice.

Lightning strikes, surges and electromagnetic interference put the complex point heating system at risk. A special lightning protection concept forms the basis for comprehensive protection.


The benefits for you of a DEHN solution to protect point heaters:

  • All aspects of external lightning protection, earthing and surge protection are considered holistically and at a cost which is economically justifiable
  • Cost-intensive disturbances and downtime - as a result of lightning and surges - are reduced
  • The lightning protection zone concept is drawn up individually for your system and considers special conditions and requirements on site


Product portfolio for protection of point heaters

Point heaters 
  1. To protect the power supply 400/230 V, 50 + 16.7 Hz: DEHNventil® M TT 2P 255 FM

  2. To protect the heating circuits: DEHNguard® M TT 2P 275 FM

  3. To protect the data and information technology (RS 232, RS 485, I/O interfaces 24 V): BLITZDUCTOR® XT

  4. To protect the data and information technology (Ethernet / PoE): DEHNpatch M CLE RJ45B 48

  5. Components for earthing point heaters: Earthing and equipotential bonding

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