Tests for wind turbines and components

For engineering offices and for manufacturers and component suppliers of wind turbines, we offer engineering and test services according to IEC 61400-24 Lightning Protection of Wind Turbines. The tests show whether the protection measures taken are effective.

Our test services comprise:Testing of a rotor blade

  • Lightning current tests on bearings and gearboxes of the mechanical drive train
  • High current tests on the receptors and down conductors of rotor blades
  • High current and high voltage tests on rotor blades
  • System-level immunity tests of important control systems such as the pitch control or aircraft warning light
  • Tests on customer-specific prewired connection units to protect the electrical installation

Our laboratory is equipped with high-performance and modern devices and allows to generate lightning impulse currents up to 400 kA (10/350 μs).

Tests are performed in compliance with the latest national and international standards. Due to our representation on standardisation committees over decades, our employees are always up-to-date with the latest standards and technical basics. We use this knowledge for our engineering and test services, thus making protection concepts for wind turbines feasible. Our aim is to ensure long-term operation and availability of wind turbines.